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Start program 6:00 pm (Sunday at 1:00 pm)

Three dinner courses will be served during De Tuin der Lusten. In all dinner courses you can taste the summer. Italian-inspired dishes such as antipasti, dolci, and café are interspersed with art, with a tasty main course at long tables.



The evening starts from the first step on the driveway. On the way to the castle, discover the language art of writers Ernst Bergboer (Enschede) and Marit Savelkoel (Deventer). Take the time to arrive, and get used to the pace of the evening.

Reception with starter

Be inspired by the philosophical dance performance of Studio Eclipse. Sisters Satya and Ananta pose existential questions and seek answers in the universe. Endless circles of ending and beginning, the cycle of life and death, in which nothing actually changes.

Main course at the Table of Delights

During the Italian main course, look forward to the main program of the evening. Debby Petter takes the floor, in the last rays of the setting sun, and offers you penetrating personal storytelling. The oldest form of theater in the beautiful surroundings of the monumental estate.


End of program 11:00 pm / 6:00 pm

DaaD - Untitled

First Course

Studio Eclipse

Two sisters investigate the start of everything through investigative dance and music. The unendig circle of life and the universe.

Veni Vidi Venus

Veni Vidi Venus

Main Course

Debby Petter

Debby Petter

In mijn hoofd

A brillant storyteller tells you an intriguing story about lies and liars. Who to trust in this fascinating story of a woman dealing with life and lies.