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In recent years, quite a number of theatre productions were created in The Garden of Delights. Many of them then toured through the Netherlands and Europe, to perform at international festivals.

We find it really valuable to offer, along with the estates, new forms of art a chance.

We ask the estates to offer hospitality to artists and theatre companies, throughout the year. Room for sleeping, eating and working on new creations. Estates offer this space for free for a week or longer. Everyone can imagine how valuable this space is for artists with a small atelier and big ideas.

We ask the friends of The Garden of Delights for financial support or a contribution in the form of materials that are needed to build scenery or technique. We are very grateful to our partners for their commitment in terms of their knowledge, their expertise and their network.

At the end of this period of work on an estate, we organise a pleasant evening for the estate owner and his or her guests. The artist presents the results of his or her work and our cook cooks a delicious dinner.

Would you also like to be involved with creating new performances?
Please contact our friends club: